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Book this option when looking to exact your revenge on someone. Have you been mistreated? Betrayed? Tormented? Taunted? Bullied? Mocked? Insulted? Ridiculed? Has someone made you feel less than who you really are? Have they challenged your view of yourself? Maybe its time for a little balancing of the scales. When explaining your situation in short detail, be sure to describe the specific results you would like to see from this work. 

Return to Sender/Reversal

$111.11 Regular Price
$88.89Sale Price
  • So you've found my website, and you're ready to get started with your root work? If you aren't sure which ritual is entirely right for you, double check the descriptions of each!  If you're absolutely certain you know what you want, purchase your ritual, and make sure you give the names and birthdates of all parties involved as well as a description of your situation. All workings have specific days in which they are completed. I will reach out if there are any issues with the working. Please be prepared for up to 7 days processing time. Please keep in mind that these workings are not sent out; I work them for you for a designated amount of time depending on the ritual. I'm beyond excited to work with each of you and look forward to using my magic to bring you healing, peace, safety, and happiness.

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