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Spiritual Working Reviews

So I put my dad in your money ritual and so far a check he's been waiting on came. He got a city loan and the federal loan ppp loan that he was denied earlier. They actually came back and said he got it. Thank you for sharing your gifts! ~I

Money has been literally coming to me since your jar. I woke up to a random cash app from lord knows who. I've been winning money on scratch offs. People just been wanting to spend money on me. I'm Ifa and I received a reading saying that a woman would bless me with money and honey it is YOU. you just did the jar but I feel it already. ~ K

Thank you for my reading yesterday! I really appreciate how quickly you respond without wasting anytime. Your responses were clear and to the point. Your spirit seems soft, peaceful, and respectful. I would recommend anyone to utilize your reading services. I plan to schedule another reading here really soon. ~ S

"I give her readings a 5/5. I've been stuck with some hard decisions and thoughts between two parties. It has been too much for me over the past few months. But she has helped clarify so many things for me and taught me things I didn't understand. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders with the clarification she gave, and I don't have any more looming stress and confusion over my situation. Any future readings I need with be done through her from me. She's so so sweet, helpful, inspirational, and straight to the point. ~ P


So I got a job making $17/hr. I received money from two close friends just cuz and I've been receiving gifts like crazy; new beds delivered for my children from a friend. its like the money coming from all type of sources. I believe the road opener worked! ~ R

"I loved you before because you are so sweet and patient but HONEYYY that road opener is starting to come through. I finally got my refund from the airline for both tickets, my shop has been BOOMING since Friday & I can't wait to see what happens next. Thank you! I'm so grateful. Sending all my love, gratefulness, and positivity your way." ~ T

"Thank you so much for all you've done, things have been so much better! You're awesome and I'm glad I was able to find you and that you're able to help me. I'm definitely going to keep on working with you. Also my friends that I had you do the honey jar for, his ex contacted him too! Thanks for being so genuinely kind and all that you've done!" ~ T

"Last week right after the money ritual, I got a $1200 child support check in the mail out the blue. He's been on child support for 10 years and that was the 1st payment ever. You got it girl!" ~A

"He's been so much more loving and warmer towards me doing things he's hesitated to before! I seriously cannot thank you enough. Each day he does something new or things he's hesitated to before but more and more loving!!" ~E

"You have no idea how much I appreciate you!! After those two readings with you, stuff started changing fast. I'm tuning in more to my feelings, my thoughts; reading all I can." ~N

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