Palm Reading


Here you can explain to your clients how the rituals work and what they can expect from them. Especially since some don't understand how they work, here is where you can explain that these are not live. You don't have to go into detail either. give them a vague understanding of what they are purchasing. 

We can even add a section below this listing all the  various group rituals and what each one entails. Then below an option to purchase one. 


About Group Rituals

Learn more about each ritual


Group Money Ritual

Explanation of what they could expect. (you already have a description of this on the products page it could just be copied over.)


Upcoming Group Rituals

  • Sep 29, 11:30 PM – 11:35 PM
    Unaired Community Event
    Get your name on a candle on my altar of abundance. Welcome the energies of wealth and abundance into your life. Become a magnet to all abundance.
  • Dec 04, 11:00 PM – 11:05 PM EST
    Rituals are not live to preserve energy
    Join this ritual to attract a generous new love to you, or to get your current love to be more free and giving with their money. This is open to everyone of all orientations and relationship statuses. Manifest the pampering and payment that you know you deserve!